Month 2 Day 15-18: Away from Home
August 18, 2019
Month 2 Day 25-28: Gas Money (Apps)
August 28, 2019

Month 2 Day 19-24: Hitting Traffic

"Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going."

Chantal Sutherland


Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I want to kind of keep you updated. With some personal things going on in my life this week has been kind of a crazy one for me. I am still here, still on my journey but it has slowed down this week due to personal matters. So, this will just be a quick update.

This week we have sold a few more items. Jordan’s Bulk buying at the bins has really hit a good stride with some items. We posted a few things and one of them turned into a $75 dollar sale. That was great and everything but it ended up costing us $33 to send while the buyer only paid $12 as that is what I had initially posted shipping as. In the end we still made a profit but another lesson learned as far as learning about how shipping works. Another sale that was made, also came from the bins and was a book. Considering the book was small we were able to ship it in a padded envelope and the book selling for $10 + $6 shipping/handling in the end it has turned into a $12 profit on this. Buying in bulk seems to be paying off in the world of thrifting if you can find the right items.

I have still yet to get any additional surveys from Pinecone Research. This month is has been pretty disappointing. Swagbucks is still continuing to pay off as I just hit up some short surveys every now and then and it all adds up as commented in my previous post from bossbabechroniclesblog.

Other than that, I have not had any time to work on my apps. I have however started my list of apps that I recommend, apps that others recommend and apps that are very important to use. My list is being compiled and I am working on a description for each to help you along your own journeys. This should be complete hopefully this week at some point so that you can benefit from the research I have conducted and a bit of insight I have gained from the ones that I have used.

Final Thought

Chantal Sutherland’s quote today really hits the nail on the head for some things that are going on in my personal life. “Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down.” This is some powerful stuff if you ask me. With the challenges that I have taken on with my blog and earning money is one thing, but the challenges in my every day personal life are another. I challenge myself every day to try and earn, to try and be better, to try and learn something new and help others. Taking on these challenges is a difficult task, one that I have to be often dig deep to learn, to take the time to understand and overcome the challenges that I am faced with. This is a new adventure for me and trying to maintain it on top of the issues that I/We all face very day is something that often times can be back breaking. Never let anyone break you down and add to the hill of challenges that you are facing, be it your personal challenges to yourself, such as what I am undertaking, or be it your life challenges. Overcome them by believing in yourself even if it means you have to dig deep. This is where you really find out who you truly are by looking inside of yourself and understanding just how much you can accomplish by pushing farther than you believe you could.

Keep coming back. I will be here, I will continue to push through my personal challenges. Follow up by subscribing below (press that target RSS feed key) to be notified when I post. I will have my apps list up soon!

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  1. Jean Riley says:

    Great writing this week Anthony-keep the faith…./😎

    • Knick says:

      Thanks so much! I am glad you are enjoying it. It really has brought me some insight and some new knowledge and hopefully can help people along the way as well

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