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August 24, 2019
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September 2, 2019

Month 2 Day 25-28: Gas Money (Apps)

"Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don't want to run out of gas on your trip, but you're not doing a tour of gas stations. You have to pay attention to money, but it shouldn't be about the money."

Tim O'Reilly


Welcome back! Halfway through the week. I apologize once again about the long delay between posts. It has still been a busy time in my personal life but you know what…I am still here for you and I deliver on my promises. Read on about the list of some of the apps that I have read, used, and recommend. Gotta earn that gas money if we want to travel.


I have spoken about this a few times. Currently only on Android Devices. This is “The Loyalty Platform for Gamers.” You earn PXP to level up your account by playing games. Those points accumulate faster the higher level you are. As you reach higher tiers you earn GameXP faster in games. As you play games you earn units to spend towards giftcards. For as little as 400 units you can get $.50 Amazon Card. 1,800 earns you $5. The more games you play, the longer you play, the higher levels you reach, the faster you earn units to spend on giftcards.


I have also spoken about this a few times. This app is great, you can earn SwagBucks (SB) by doing things such as watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, or even shopping. Earn SB and trade it in for Paypal or giftcards. 100SB = around $1. Surveys can range between 10-1000s of SB that you can earn based upon the time if you qualify. I have stated a down fall of this is the fact that you do not always qualify for every survey. If you spend the time to attempt a survey, often times you will receive some compensation simply for trying, usually around 1-5SB. Another app that really is determined by how much time you put into it. Earn additional $3 by referring friends


This app is another way to find side jobs or a little bit of moonlighting. You build your profile, put in your skills and it will find jobs that you can bid on. You can put in your bids as long as you have them available. They can be purchased but you get a free bid every 3 days. You start with an initial 10 bids. Hirers and Freelancers can rate each other based upon the jobs and keywords really benefit the bidder as a way of being noticed. I earned my first $90 on my Journey using this site. Employers will post the job, you pick what you can do the job for based on your bid and employers pick the person who they think best fits the position. There are a lot of foreign employers and bidders but you can filter them down which is a nice feature if you only want to do something in your country or locally.


An app for iOS or Android. This app gives you a map of your surrounding area with various “Gigs” such as taking a picture of a display or the front of stores. Gigs appear around you and you are alerted. Can do 1 or multiple depending on your choice and requirements. Generally pays between $3 up to $100 per gig and can be paid through PayPal. I like that it shows local areas but in my opinion some gigs to not pay enough for the requirements and occasionally you will run into managers or employees who do not like that you are taking pictures of their displays. I found it easier to often speak with someone first before doing so.


I have used this in the past. An iOS and Android App. I enjoyed it but kind of fell out of using the app because I no longer do all the shopping. Jordan does most of it and handles all the receipts so I just let her handle it. Get paid by earning cash back. Go to Ibotta, unlock rewards by completing tasks at stores. Finish shopping, scan barcodes of items, and send in photo of your receipt to verify purchases. Also gain bonuses from your loyalty cards if you use them. Simple and easy to do, earn your money back for shopping for the things you would be doing anyways.

Google Opinion Rewards

Android Only. Another App that I use. I have not written about it or included it in my Journey as you can only earn Google Play cash. There are ways to convert this but I figured many people would not be interested in this as a legit earning. Easy to use, answer some surveys as they come in. Be honest as information is tracked so lying to get more surveys gets you nothing but fewer surveys. This takes time to earn as Google requests to use location services and generally ask questions about your google account such as youtube videos watched or your location such as have you been to a Mcdonalds. Sometimes asking if you would scan in your purchase receipts which you often earn more money for doing so. Surveys generally pay between $.10 to $.99 cents. They add up over time but don’t expect to make a fortune overnight. I find this extra google play money useful for movies and games that I play on my phone for in-app purchases.


Do you like scratch cards? Do you like money? What about gift cards? This is another app that I have used for a long time. I have not mentioned it simply due to I have been doing it for so long and really it can take a long time to earn money. I have earned some gift cards using the app but for playing it for last 2 years, I have only won $1 on the scratchers. I have earned tons of the bonus coins, I think today I am up to 194,000. The amount of time I spend playing 2 or 3 scratchers a day isn’t too bad. They earn their money through ads so be prepared to sit through a 20-30 second ad between games. 194k points is almost enough to get $50 Walmart gift card. I can say that I have earned a few others and really haven’t had a problem with the app. Your luck may be better than mine and you can win some real money. There are also monthly contests that you can enter or gain free entries into which is nice if you want to spend your chance coins on those as well. They show pictures of the winners but unfortunately I am not lucky enough to have ever won anything.



This is more a savings app. Do you have some spare change after your purchase? Take that change, or in this case a round up of your spending and invest it with Acorns. It’s a new trend in micro-investing. Taking small amounts of change and putting it towards investments. Rounding up your change on purchases, it puts it into a taxable account. You have to invest a minimum of $5 before Acorns actually begins to invest but this adds up quickly. Also now with the option to round up your money 2x, 5x or 10x depending on the service level you chose. Unfortunately investing with this app isn’t free but the fees are minimal between $1-$3.


Android device app that puts ads on your phone. According to CNET you can make about an average of $5 to $15 a month. The app works like this, you check your phone and see a story or a promotion, you slide left to learn about it, up to see another or right to unlock your phone. You do not have to view or watch any apps to get paid, you earn simply by having the ads on your phone. Payouts include getting the cash deposited or donating it to charity. Sounds easy, just a few seconds on your phone and a quick ad that you can slide past. Nothing difficult or special, and as I am not sure how they determine the payout I am not exactly sure if the $5-15 is true but it maybe worth a try if you don’t mind having to slide specific ways to unlock your phone.


An app for iOS or Android. Allows you to complete various actions with your favorite brands of products such as taking pictures or sharing on Social Media. Complete Campaigns for different brands and earn money. Users can cashout with PayPal when they reach $10


Do you watch movies or play games. AppTrailers is an iOS or Android device app that pays you to view trailers about apps. They generally last 30 seconds or less. Payouts start at 500 points or $.50 cents. The payouts can be through Paypal or gift cards. From research you can also upload videos and the more likes you get the more money you earn as well.



An app for iOS or Android. If you shop online this can be a great way to earn some of that cash back. You can earn up to 40% cashback for shopping online at 1,800 participating retailers. You have the option to donate your earnings to charity, family or different organizations. In addition, I have read that you can earn up to $50 for referring friends.


We all know what this is. The app is for iOS or Android. If you are following along my Journey and doing any type of thrifting, eBay is one of the top places to be. It reaches millions of users a day and those millions of users can potentially be buyers of your thrifting or general sales. If you are selling, this is one to definitely have on your apps or favorites in your browsers.


Another sales site that was more recently founded in 2013. Mostly starting in Japan it has recently become pretty popular for selling on the marketplace. It allows users to buy and sell items from your phone. It is pretty easy to use as are most of the apps on my list. It has won a bunch of awards for being one of the best shopping apps on Google Play. You can use the website or the phone app to post and look around to buy or sell.


For those of you who are interested in buying or selling clothes, PoshMark becoming a well known place to go. You can post items from shoes to purses, jeans to dresses. Fashion is a big deal here and there are many things that can be done. You can join a Posh Party which is a like a virtual event that people join to buy and sell or host in mass. These can include themes or brand types and even invite your friends to list their items together. They try to offer a one of a kind experience per their website where they want to be more than just a shopping destination. They have a big community that shares in styles and brands and seem to be pretty friendly.


Another selling app. I enjoy this one as it used to be just within a local area. It has expanded and I actually just sold my first item with shipping. It was easy to use, all sales require a picture so you know and understand what you are getting. It offers an easy messaging chat to talk between buyer and seller. Shipping with OfferUp was super easy as I paid nothing. The buyer paid all shipping cost, OfferUp sent me the UPS shipping label and tracking, I attached it to the box and dropped it off. Off it went, the user received the item quickly and had 2 days to evaluate it before releasing the money. What is nice about this is the fact that you have to verify your account, setup your bank account with them if you want to receive funds directly, and the simplicity is amazing. I have sold lots of items locally and as easy as it was to sell with shipping, I will do that again. The downfall is the fee associated. It is only 9.9% which is less than the 10% eBay takes for a simple seller but overall it is a cost associated with shipping. Local sales are free though!


You need a way to receive the money right? Not every sale is cash up front and PayPal offers you another option to get the money that buyers are sending you. This is also great to have as many apps pay your balances through it. Payouts often come through PayPal so having the app is essential if you are going to be earning online. If you thrift or sell on eBay, Mercari, Poshmark or others, it makes for a simple transaction for buying or selling. If you buy and/or sell, it also offers a bit of security which is important when dealing with payments.

Final Thought

I hope you enjoy some of these apps. Listed are a few that I have tried, some that I have not. If you are interested in me trying some of these let me know. I have not taken the dip into a few of them simply because I do not like the fact they interact with my phone such as SlideJoy or the investment of Acorns. I have not had much experience with Micro-Transactions and the upfront cost versus the earnings may not be worth what I have the spare funds to invest in.

Comment if you have used some of these apps and let us all know what you think of them or would have an interest in reading about me trying in the future.

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