Month 2 Day 25-28: Gas Money (Apps)
August 28, 2019
Month 3 Day 3-9: Climbing Mountains
September 9, 2019

Month 3 Day 1-2: Another Month Down

"Always remember where we come from, how we got here, and Who led us into the warmth of the sunshine."

Glenn Beck


August, another great month in the tubes. It has had its ups and downs both personally and in the way of freelancing. I apologize as I was not posting as often as I would have liked. As I had some personal things going on in my life, and sadly still kind of do, but I put my best foot forward and continued to work on doing things as I was able to. Ending the month of August at its peak before my September investments, my Journey ended at $830! That is over 3/4th of the way to my goal. That is pretty exciting as I have made over $1,473 in my Journey thus far. That sounds great but investment into earning and the cost of business has decreased those profits significantly. Let’s look back at how my adventures have fared for the month of August.


Once again one of the most expensive parts of my journey but also one of the most successful. This month I was actually able to turn a profit. For the Month of August, I had spent a total of $266.50 but earned a total of $482! This is pretty exciting and came with some big sales. Some of those were from venturing into the world of the unknown and learning how profitable flipping collectable items such as Funko Pops! could be. Some small purchase turned very profitable and earning us quite a bit of money. It is nice to see the numbers turn from RED to Green.

Total Earned from August = $215


This has really slowed down for me with all the personal things going on this month. I have not been able to actually complete many as my days were long and my free time to do any surveys was very diminished. Pinecone Research netted a total of $9 this month.Swagbucks Surveyshave earned me only $7. Both are still profitable but the amount of time I was able to put into them was very limited therefore I did not make that much in return.

Total Earned from August = $45

Mobile Applications

Once again, this month with limited time availability I did not have time to put a lot into this effort. I made a total of $4 using Mistplay. As I was not able to play many games, I had very little time to work towards earning the points needed to cash out. Still a profit but the availability to play was limited so therefore the earnings were as well. Earlier this month I created a list of Applications that I researched that can help earn money. For the month of September, I am looking forward to giving a few of them a try when available. I may go back to scanning my receipts and getting money back from purchases with ibotta or attempting a few of the new ones when time permits. I want to explore this lane for you as the reader a bit more as was discussed in my previous blog. As I have discussed I want to share my experiences with you and this is one of the many items that people have questions about is if this is really a profitable lane of revenue.

Total Earned August = $4


The most profitable lane of revenue once again this month. I say this as recording the purchase prices is something that I really am unable to do. As the items in my house were purchased with the intent to use rather than sell so I consider the sale of these items to be Decluttering. If the item has been in the garage or put away, the price has been forgotten but cleaning out these areas is a part of the journey. This has helped me clean out the house as well as make a little bit of money in the process. The sales actually motivate me to clean a bit more rather than just let this potential profit sit around. It cleans out the house, makes a bit of extra cash, and pushes my motivation for success.

Total Earned August = $377

Freelance Work

I did not do any Freelance work this month. I was unable to dedicate any time to this project so therefore I could not earn any additional income with it. As the new month is starting I am looking to start up again. Freelancing is beneficial to my journey as it is not taking on a second job but is just a side hustle that pays for my time. I can set my time, hours, and price. I will be working on this once time allows me to this month.

Total Earned August = $0

Final Thought

For September I have already invested in some additional Thrifting. I have invested a total of $140 in some Funko Pops! that are limited edition and the want for them is high. They are currently selling very well on eBay to collectors. I have also received bids on some of my auctions and soon those will sell. I am pending payment on 1 sale and hopefully that will payout soon. Once it does, I will include it in the budgeting sheets. As said earlier, I want to take some more time to get into the applications that were mentioned in my previous blog. I am starting to budget and save receipts for ibotta and other receipt apps. I want to spend more time seeing where Mistplay and Swagbucks can actually earn if I put the effort into them that I did in Month 1. I look forward to continuing my Journey into Month 3 and hoping that my journey helps you as well.

Post in the comments below if you have used any of my recommendations. Let everyone know how your Journey is going as well. Hit that follow and/or share button for your friends and family to follow along.

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