Month 3 Day 3-9: Climbing Mountains
September 9, 2019

Month 3 Day 10-16: End of the Road?

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

Chris Grosser


The end of the road? NO! Not at all just another success in my goals. It sounds so negative but to be honest its really not. I am writing today about the SUCCESS that I have achieved! What did I do you may ask if you have not realized it already? I hit my goal of earning my first $1000!

That is right ladies and gentlemen, how exciting is this? I have not only met my goal over the weekend but more than exceeded it. I was a bit busy last week not only personally but professionally as well. I have worked very hard to hit this goal. As those who have followed me know there have been times when things have been slow, there have been times when I have not had my successes but then I always came back, let a little time pass and worked my way through the down times.

This is an exciting day for me, and I have been wanting to write about it for a couple of days now. I actually hit my goal on day 14 but I have been once again busy in my personal life that I have had little time to enjoy the success. It has sat in the back of my mind this entire time but with little time to think about how I was going to put it into words. I truly am excited for this. It is something that is surreal that I never thought I would get to my goal as quickly as I have.

So where do I go from here? I have an idea for my future in mind already. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!! It took 3 Months and 14 days to reach a goal of $1000 doing various things. Apps, surveys, thrifting, freelance work, and every moment has been up and down in this initial journey. I have spent money, I have made much more (obviously or it wouldn’t be a profit am I right?). I want to continue this since I am at a high point and I want to keep rising.

So a quick note on the things I have done over the week to reach that last effort to complete my goal. First, I continued to work on thrifting. I was very successful this week in selling a few things locally. That was a large majority of my success. I sold a graphics card, a vintage military book, some children’s toys, another book on eBay, some Magic the Gathering cards, and a few odds and ends that Jordan found at the bulk thrifting bins. Those little things really added up to make a profit that would be unexpected. Additionally, networking and working with people has went a long way. Over the weekend, although I had already hit my goal, I did a little freelance work helping out someone I work with. He has his own personal side business in my local area called Mr. Philly. He needed some last minute help and asked me to give him a hand. I am a friendly person, he needed some help and I can always use the extra cash. Just a reminder that going that extra mile for people can really help you out socially and professionally as well. It was easy work, I was helping out a work friend, and getting paid and networking with other people at the event as well. Lastly, playing games and knocking out a few surveys added a few dollars on top of that. Nothing much but every little bit counts. I plan on using the gift cards and extra cash to further move towards my thrifting purchases and the hunt for rare toys that I can flip such as Funko Pop “chase” figures.

Final Thought

Chris Grosser’s quote today “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” speaks bounds towards the initial goal success that I have made. This is such an exciting time and without taking the initiative to work hard towards these goals I would have never met the things I have set out to do. First off, I probably would have never taken the initiative to earn this extra money. I may have never learned about thrifting or had the chance to learn about some of the apps that I have in order to make the extra cash that I have. Who would have thought, that it would have happened so quickly? Putting in the hours to write, the time spent to learn about making a website to help you as the readers learn and follow along with me has really taught me a lot. I would have never sat down and spoke with someone and taken the time to learn about making a blog, or creating a website. Hell I would have never cared to do so and probably spent my time playing games or something like that and never have made the extra effort towards learning what I have thus far along the way. Putting in the effort to educate myself and ask for help on things that I did not know, research items I knew very little about, and network with others who do possess the knowledge that I needed, will really go a very long way to moving on to my next goal of earning my first $5000!

As of this writing I will be starting at $1,261. I will be updating the countdown timer on the front page to reflect 1-year from the date of starting this journey. That gives me until June 1st, 2020 to hit my goal of my first $5000.

Stay tuned, follow along, I will be updating the website shortly. There is lots more to come and more adventures and journeys to be had. $5000 here we come!! Comment and share if my journey has helped, inspired, or assisted you in your own personal financial journey.

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