Month 3 Day 1-2: Another Month Down
September 2, 2019
Month 3 Day 10-16: End of the Road?
September 16, 2019

Month 3 Day 3-9: Climbing Mountains

"It's important to set your own goals and work hard to achieve them."

Yuichiro Miura


It has been an entire week. Life really has a way of taking its toll on someone. But I have continued to push through the hardships while away and do a little bit of work on the side. I am maintaining my blog and I would really like to get back informing my fellow travelers on the journey that I am undertaking.

The past week has been one with a steady stream of buyers from my Thrifting adventures. Both me and Jordan have got a fairly steady stream of maybe a buyer each day between the both of us. That is on average of multiple items a day and some days no items being sold between the both of us. Thrifting has really turned into my favorite niche of the jobs that I have completed and adventures that I have explored.

I have been so busy as of late that I have not had time to accept any freelance jobs. I have had a few discussions with the person whom I did previous jobs for initially but with the way my personal life has been I have decided not to take on additional work as of late. Working Freelance jobs is still a great opportunity that I would really like to explore more. I understand I have mentioned this quite a few times in the last blogs I have posted but my personal life has really taken a lot of time away that I can hardly focus on what things that I have to do and also make a little bit of side income as well. Taking on a side job at this time I feel might not be the best suited for my only available free time.

Surveys as usual have been on again off again. I have done a little bit on Swagbucks earning $1.50 and Pinecone I have earned $3. Its not much but a profit is a profit. I have downloaded some of the additional applications that I have discussed but have yet to use any of them. Mistplay has kind of been a slow down for me as I have not had time to play games so I unfortunately cannot report on that at this time.

So far this month I have spent $226, that seems like a lot but in fact for the month thus far, being only 9 days in I have earned a total of $306! That is a profit of $80 thus far for the month of September so I am actually in the Green! With this total profit and earnings, I have at this point earned $1779.50 with an expense set of $869.50 for a total Earnings profit of $910! With just $80 more dollars to go towards my end goal and only into my 3rd month, it shows that I must be doing something right! My investments and little bit of side earnings have really been paying off.

Final Thought

Yuichiro Miura says “It’s important to set your own goals and work hard to achieve them.” As time has passed, I have gotten closer and closer to my end goal of earning my first $1000 freelancing. This goal is really close and in sight with only $80 remaining until being met and in only less than half the time I set out to do so. I am not claiming success just yet, just that it is in sight. This is important, I have set a financial goal, I have set a mental goal and almost being to the end I want to reach it so badly! Even with my personal things going on in my life, it is important to set your sights on something to reach for. I am reaching for it, and soon I also plan on extending it if successful (more on this to come…EXCITING ideas for what is next!) I work hard every day, it may not be the hardest I can but I put in a little extra time to try and achieve the things I have set my mind to. I currently am taking classes to further my own professional career, I have worked hard to inform all of you on the successes and failures that I have made on my current journey to reach my goal. Setting up my website, maintaining it, earning the side income, and learning about the various things that I have already done, it all adds up. You may not break a sweat, you may not come home sore at the end of the day but just putting in a little bit of extra here and there really adds up to a point of realization that you are working hard to achieve the things that you want to achieve. Working hard does not have to be something physical but putting in the extra time and effort and going above and beyond your daily challenges is what hard work is all about. Keep putting in the time, keep putting in that “extra effort” that you do and you really can push yourself to meet the goals you set for yourself.

Comment below about a time that you have gone that extra mile to meet a personal goal. What support did you have (if any) and how did it pay off for you?

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