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My Journey

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About Me

Anthony Knickerbocker is a Cyber Security professional who is interested in writing about challenging experiences and his Journey in life.

Not only does he want to grow an audience and teach them about his personal experiences in his Journey to self-challenge but also start a lucrative side income business.

He aims to help people who have an interest in the challenges he takes and works to bring his steps to success and the experience he faces along the way. Like, Follow, and learn about what it is to work hard, earn a side income, and read about life lessons all in one.

Who I Am

A visionary blogger who writes about personal life challenges and the journey it takes to succeed.

I write to show the truth behind what it takes to personally achieve the difficulty of some of the challenges that many people are curious about.

There are many blogs out there who tell you they have made thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this or doing that, but where is the story behind their successes?

I aim to write about not just the money I have made but how it was done. What steps did I take, how it has affected my life, and what has worked? for me and what has not. Everything I write about is to benefit the reader, help them understand what it takes to be successful and what may or may not work. I write about my personal experiences and how they have affected me and what ideas, research and steps were taken to meet the goals of my challenges all while encouraging readers to go out and succeed themselves and maybe even give a bit of thoughtful insights on life throughout the adventures I take on my Journey to earning additional side income.